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As the global leader of telecommunication system, SEANET, with expert in navigation and telecommunication part, is expending the business foundation of shipbuilding and marine industry based on supply of telecommunication equipment, system engineering, design system drawing and highly skilled engineer's commissioning.

씨넷 사업영역

External Communication
  • UHF
    • Conventional
    • Digital
    • TETRA
  • Inmarsat
  • VSAT
  • Satellite TV
  • SSAS
  • Iridium
  • LRIT
  • TMS
  • Radio Alarm Control
Environmental Monitoring
  • Helideck Monitoring System
  • Weather Monitoring System
  • Oil Spill Detection
  • Ice Detection
  • Wave Radar
  • Meteorological Sensors
Internal Communication
  • CCTV
  • Auto-Telephone (IP, Conventional)
  • PAGA
  • IP TV with Entertainment Equipment
  • Dect Phone
  • >Paging System Integrated With UHF
  • Gyro Compass
  • Autopilot
  • AIS
  • VDR
  • DGPS
  • Speed Log
  • Echo Sounder
Safety System
  • Fire & Gas Detection System
  • Cascade Breathing System

SEANET's capability in different sectors


The research making independent technology development

makes independent
technology development
The research institute

기업연구소 개요
  • establishmentMay, 2013
  • Address4th floor, SEANET CO., LTD, 542, Jeoryeong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
  • Tel+82-51-417-5804
  • Fax+82-51-417-5802

To adjust to market environment which is changed rapidly, SEANET has continued to develop the technology of the telecommunication and electronic system for secure own technology. Since its establishment of institute in May 2013, SEANET has been striving to development and localization of production.

Curruntly, SEANET's institute is in the process of developing products like the ship network system and electronic inclinometer etc. We will research and develop the system and production technology of maritime field in the future.

"In addition, we will strive to enable more people to enjoy high-quality marine communications technology by developing new products that meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer market. We will do our best to contribute the Korean maritime industry by developing future technologies localizing products and creating high value-added products."

Thank you!

Director of instituteDirector Soon-ki Kim

To be the best company beyond great business

  • 정보통신 회원증 인증서 Image Membership certificate for Information & Communication
  • 정보통신공사업등록증 Certificate of Business Registration of Information & Communication Project
  • ISO 9001(Korean) ISO 9001(Korean)
  • ISO 9001(English) ISO 9001(English)
  • ISO 14001(Korean) ISO 14001(Korean)
  • ISO 14001(English) ISO 14001(English)
  • ISO 14001(Korean) ISO 18001(Korean)
  • ISO 14001(English) ISO 18001(English)
  • 벤처기업확인서 Venture Business Certificate
  • Kibo A+Members 선정서 Kibo A+ Members
  • 경영혁신형중소기업 인증서 Main-Biz
  • 기술혁신형중소기업 인증서 Inno-Biz
  • 인재육성형중소기업 인증서 Certificate of "The outstanding employee developmental small and medium-sized enterprise"
  • 청년친화강소기업 인증서 Certificate of "The youth-friendly small and midium-sized enterprise"
  • 국세청 표창장 National Tax Service award certificate
  • 기상사업등록증 Certificate of "The Meteorological Business Registration"
  • 기업부설연구소 인증서 Certificate of "The Corporate Subsidiary Research Institute"
  • 중소기업확인서 Certificate of "The small and medium-sized enterprise"
  • VDR Performance test cert VDR Performance test cert
  • “제09류 이리듐 시스템용 정션박스” 상표등록증 certificate of trademark registration of "The junction box for Type 09 Iridium system"
  • “셋탑박스를 이용한 인터넷 방송 서비스 시스템 및 방법” 특허증 Patent certificate of "The Internet broadcasting system and method using a set-top box"
  • “음성구간 검출 장치 및 방법” 특허증 The Patent certificate of "Apparatus and method of voice region detection"
  • Electronic Inclinometer KC인증 KC certification of Electronic Inclinometer
  • S-VDR 형식승인증서 Formal certification of S-VDR
  • VDR 형식승인증서 Formal certification of VDR